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Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles

Clogged nozzles are common problems that can cause dry spots in your lawn. Dirt, debri, and sand will clog up nozzles over time. The best solution is to clean them out, or replace them entirely. Afterwards install a filter at the valves to reduce sprinkler nozzle from clogging up again. 

Damaged Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers have a great function to deliver water at any degree angle with long range water coverage. Rotary sprinkler fail when they are no longer rotating. The rotary sprinkler must be raplced immediately before the dry spot develope. 

Sprinkler Valve Leaks

Irrigation valves are the heart of the lawn sprinkler system. They could cause many problems, low pressure, constant water flow small leaks, and can even shut down your water supply. We always make sure they are performing at 100%. 

Sprinkler Irrigation Wire Troubleshooting

Sprinkler wires are troublesome to say the least. Scorching hot sun on you. Your working hard to discover the problem.  One wire will create a nightmare. Don't let this happen to you. A wire problem can be solved as low as $25 dollars with us.

Sprinkler Controller Problems

Sprinkler controllers are delicate. Get one wire off the entire system will not operate. Our technicians can troubleshoot and identify your controller problem, by mending, splicing or installing new wires if necessary we will install a new controller with a complete new wiring set up.

Sprinkler Main Line Leaks

Backflow leaks, mainline irrigation connections can result in wasted water skyrocketing water bills. Don't wait for the next high water bill. Avoid high water expenses with amazing solutions that  reduce your water cost. We will instantly place a stop to those problems.

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Complete Lawn Sprinkler System Inspections With Money Saving Options - Adjusting Sprinkler Heads

Troubleshooting Your Lawn Sprinkler System To Discover The Root Cause Of Your Problem. 

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What To Expect With Our Lawn Sprinkler Evaluation

  1. First and foremost we will identify your immediate lawn sprinkler problem. You contacted us for that reason, but on top of that we will make recommendations that will eliminate further lawn sprinkler future problems, bypassing the problem, or modifying the system to avoid this from happening again if possible.
  2. Once your immediate lawn sprinkler repair problem has been identified we will give you repair options with an upfront cost, no obligation to move forward everything transparent.
  3. Our standard protocol is to go through your lawn sprinkler system after your immediate lawn sprinkler system problem has been fixed. The lawn sprinkler system evaluation is at no extra cost this is part of the service call. Our lawn sprinkler technicians will go through the entire lawn sprinkler system checking off their list as they inspect every vital component of the lawn sprinkler system.
  4. We always find other money consuming problems, pop up and rotary leaks, lawn sprinkler valves not closing up all the way, lawn sprinkler controller misadjusted with multiple start up times, to many sprinkler on one zone over spending on water, the list keeps going….
  5. It’s vitally important that you get a trained lawn sprinkler technician with a effective lawn sprinkler system checklist to ensure everything is being considered during the evaluation.
  6. Ultimately with our lawn sprinkler system evaluation you will get everything inspected. Sprinkler heads, valves leaks, timer errors, drip line leaks, backflow repairs. All major brands are serviced Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit, and Weathermatic.

ACS Sprinkler Irrigation Repair provides our customers with high quality commercial work, fair pricing and incredible customer service. 

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